Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ritchie Maxer in 'The Chloetia Series'

When I introduced Ritchie Maxer in my novel, he was only a part that connected my story. But as I looked back at his name, I knew I couldn't forget about him. There was something stirring up within me and once he walked out of Hotel Splendor after his book signing event, in chapter 24 of 'The Grasp of Nighttide', I was determined that I'd find a purpose for him.
And then as I thought harder about what I could write on him, I decided to make him the protagonist of the book 'The Chloetia series(26 days left)' It is a book I have decided to work on only for the character Ritchie.

Here is the extract-
                         Writing the series had never been so deadly
When author Juni Rodith finishes writing the book- ‘The Chloetia Series (39 days left)’- in thirteen days, she takes her life by bleeding to death by carving Chloetia all over her body. It is uncertain what made Juni take the drastic step- but Juni’s family blames it on Chloetia.

As the book becomes a hit worldwide, Ritchie Maxer is called in to write the next of the series ‘The Chloetia Series (26 days left)’. Ritchie pushes the theory away that Chloetia had anything to do with Juni’s death- mainly as Chloetia died long ago. His only goal is to complete the next installment of the best-selling book, and bask in the fame that would come to him afterward. But will it be so easy, or will Ritchie experience what Juni had?

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Stand-alones vs Series. Are series a bad thing?

I got to admit that there are more series than stand-alone novels, I am coming across on amazon these days. I happened to read a few comments and saw that some people were cursing that those books were part of a series.
Some said- I wouldn't have ever read this if I knew that this was a series. And some meant to say- authors love making money by making series. And some even meant- authors are cheap and pull off the series stunt to trick people to buy the next.
First of all that was hurting. Of course, people have their priorities- and if a series doesn't interest them they can let it be. No author is forcing them to buy the next- and there is no trick. Everyone has their right to express, but it is not right to abuse authors who are working for their potential readers.
If only readers understand what writers go through in constructing the plot. Especially when they have to build a fantasy world, or characters and events that are not really there. And once it is all made, after long days and nights of thinking- there are just many more things that can't fit into one book. And if all the mysteries and concepts that couldn't fit are just let go, that won't be fair, after all the hard work.
I thought my book would be standalone at first, but when I started developing the Grasp, I knew I couldn't end it. I couldn't show more about the Grasp in 'The Grasp of Nighttide'. I couldn't destroy the queen. Stories work like real life- there is a time for things to happen. And I am not at all ashamed that my book leads to a series(even beyond the second book), and I don't think any author should feel so too.


Thursday, 3 December 2015

The songs and verses from 'The Grasp of Nighttide' Which is your favourite?

It must've not gone unnoticed that there are quite a few of them in my book.

1.The first one appearing at the end of the prologue
It started out as a mystery killing 
After every day came the dark 
People in isolation walked the deserted streets 
Then the demon left its mark. 
No one knew which night it would come 
Neither did they know how it did what was done, 
All they knew was to be aware 
That a new era of darkness had begun

2.Then the next, part of the song Alice recalls which is completed towards the end of the book. From the start of chapter 1
You were, you are, you shall always be 
My love, for eternity 
Moments with you I cherish the most…… 
I can’t imagine myself without you 
On my own, I can’t possibly do 

We’ll stay together like the sea and coast…

3.Stephanie's cute poem for her little cousin sisters
My good little angels, my two shiny eyes, my dear sisters, smart and wise... Keep out of trouble, please be nice, come and give me a hug, I can’t say good-byes.

4.The song Alice sings in Chapter 7
Wind take my words along 
Deliver to him in a song 
To my love... One and only love… 

You know my love is true 
I know you love me too 
Wherever you are, wherever you are 
Do take me away with you. 

Under the sea 
On the land 
Over the hills 
In the sand 
I want to stay wherever there is you, wherever
Do take me away with you. 

A quake to come 
A flood is near 
When I hold your hand 
I have no fear 
My love is so deep, you have no clue 
Do take me away with you. 

To a cave, a beach 
Fun or no fun 
The clouds, the moon 
Or the sun 
Won’t protest to what you do, whatever you do 
Just don’t keep me away from you 
Please take me away with you. 

5.Derek's rap following Alice's song
Don’t worry dear if that’s the case 
 I’m coming to you in a dead quick pace 
Loneliness you need no longer trace 
Sorry for hurting you all these days 
I too miss my sun’s rays 
Soon all the distance will erase 
But just make me one promise, Alice, 
Don’t let that smile off your face.

6. I'd almost forgot Carl's bday rap for Derek from chapter 4
Birthday wishes to my dearest brother, whose happiness now is like none other. If you need something, just gimme a call. Go and enjoy man, that’s all.

7. The instant rap from Derek to Alice/Rave
You make each moment everyday
To me you are a lot more than life
Let heaven record my words as I ask
Rave, will you be my wife?

8. Looking for the eighth? I stopped myself from including more of them in this book. I even had a song written down for the 'Sangeet' ceremony which was supposed to be from Derek. I wanted to end the last chapter with few verses too. But with great difficulty- convincing myself that I was overloading the book with the verses- I stopped.

My favourite among them? I seriously can't pick, but I'd like to hear from you :)

The process of getting my book out there

First and foremost, it wasn't easy. I have lost count of how many drafts I completed before I had it self-published. And the funniest thing is that I had thought for days after my second draft that my book was ready to be published- believe it  or not, there was no mention of Diane and the Queen until the end of the book! And I had submitted that to Penguin and Panmacmillan for consideration at that point- it was rejected of course, and I regret for not giving myself more time before submitting.

Well a few days after that ideas came crawling into my head. After each draft, I reviewed the book and added more changes- a lot of them.And the process went on until I forced myself to stop this November. I still look back to see if I could have made the story better- but oh well. 

As of now still working with a proofreader to get the last of the errors out from my book. And in a few days will consider sending it out to another publisher. I hope it will work this time (fingers crossed)

But it seems that getting the book published on Amazon isn't the end- marketing and promotion is to be done. How sad! I need to gather reviews and promote my book for sales. Maybe then I'll have peace to continue working with the draft of my next in the series soon.